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HERE'S TO THE NIGHT 12/21/2019


If a picture is truly worth a thousand words, then the memories and stories that a particular song can evoke are worth a million.

Hailing from Baltimore, MD, Here’s to the Night fully immerses listeners in a nostalgic experience, with a song list comprised of some of the most fun and energetic rock songs from the mid 90s, through the turn of the millennium. From start to finish, audiences can’t help but recall countless memories and unforgettable nights, as the party vibe transcends the stage and makes its way to the dance floor.

Here’s to the Night brings together 4 local music veterans, with a wealth of experience.

Vocalist, Danny Mays and Drummer, Rooobyn, have played in Gold Mind Squad and Beretta Jane, two of the area’s more successful original bands, gaining radio airplay in major markets, and sharing the stage with a who’s who of modern rock. Bassist and vocalist, Dawg, was an integral part of vs. the Earth, a highly successful act, which regularly performed 250+ dates a year nationwide, and had a music video in regular rotation on MTV. Guitarist, vocalist and compulsive gear buyer, Steve Wozniak, is a seasoned veteran and graduate of Sheffield Institute for the Recording Arts, most notably spending the past 8 years as part of Tripwire, a unique rock band, whose edgy and entertaining live shows captivated regional audiences.

These four musicians bring their years of experience and “frontman” performing mentalities to the table to give audiences as unforgettable live show that is as visually interesting as it is sonically impressive.

It’s time for the band IN the club to play the songs that patrons listen to on the way TO the club. Here’s to shaking up the norm…here’s to celebrating the times when the only priority was having fun…Here’s to the Night!

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