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GLAMOUR KITTY 02/29/2020


Why think about the 80's when you can live them?

You may only have vauge memories of living with 8 roommates in an efficiency apartment with a broken toilet. Let's chalk that up to pushing the limits on how long a human body can survive on Jack and ramen. Those were the days when the guys were as hot as the chicks, and the all too common recovery nod, when you realized the hottie you were pulling up on was a dude. In the end, it's all just a blur of rock n roll.

When Glamour Kitty hits the stage you'll relive that decade of decadence. The glory days when the Hollywood Strip was ruled by Spandex and Hair Spray, when there was enough lipstick to go around for everyone, and when the ladies determined their pecking order by the volume of Aquanet and eye shadow they shared with their boyfriend.

Experience it again. Ladies, are you ready to purrrr?

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